1937 Mrs. Louise Hinton's Kindergarten

Will and Judy Hair submitted this photograph of Mrs. Louise Hinton's kindergarten class.  The photograph was made at the Hinton house on Highway 27, currently home to the Maples family.


From left to right: (back row) Mrs. Hinton, ? Stevenson, Ralph Bufkin, Bobby Renfroe; (front row) Nancy Clark, ? Cramer, Meredith Tutton, Will Hair, Barbara Hunter, Corrine Sturdivant, and Mary Ellen Selman.

Will Hair states that he attended Mrs. Hinton's kindergarten for 3 years, then skipped to the second grade.  He says the above photograph was made when he was 5 years old, which places the year as 1937.

Thanks to Will and Judy Hair for submitting the photograph.

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