1941 the Reverend Kirckhoff's Farewell Reception

The Reverend J.G. Kirckhoff was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Summerville.  In late 1940, a reception in his and his wife's honor was given by the women of the church.

pastor leaves

This photograph appeared in the January 9, 1941 edition of the Summerville News and shows, from left to right, Miss Sara Agnew, Mrs. Harry McGinnis, Misses Eloise Cheek, Jean Agnew, Mrs. Roy Alexander, Rev. J.G. Kirckhoff, Mrs. Kirckhoff, Mrs. B.W. Farrar, Mrs. O.H. Elgin, Miss Harriett Whisnant, and Mrs. J.B. Whisnant, Jr.  (The women's names and titles are listed as they appeared in the newspaper.) 

According to the Summerville News, the reception was a tribute to the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Summerville and his wife as they prepared to move to Atlanta to begin their duties at the Ormwood Park Presbyterian Church. "First, the church gave them a Christmas present of exquisite flat silver, then a beautiful reception, and last, all the churches in town united in a farewell service on Sunday evening." 

Around 125 guests attended the reception, along with other pastors and their wives as invited guests of the church. "Music and readings were given by Miss Annie Pitts, Miss Rose Nell Weems, Mrs. John D. Taylor, Mrs. J.G. Kirckhoff, and C.C. Cliett." The article went on to say the Kirckhoffs "have done a splendid work here and the whole city feels grateful for their ministry and regret at their leaving."

Photograph by the Summerville Studio.  Courtesy of L.C. Smith.

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