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senior class officers
Senior class officers for the Class of 1948 were (L-R) President Maxine Palmour, Vice-President Harry Foster, Sponsor Mrs. Jewell Rudicil, Secretary Jack Reece, and Treasurer Doyle McCarey.

mr akin
"In grateful appreciation for the sympathy and kind understanding you have given us, we, the Senior Class of 1948, dedicate this, the first volume of the SEQUOYAH, to our friend and advisor, Mr. Akin."

exterior of school
The open windows of Summerville High School seem unfamiliar in our air-conditioned age.

Members of the Library Club look dandy in their neckties.  Is that a Rome High School interloper on the left?

*Update:  Front row, 2nd from left is Jimmy Bush, 4th from left is Ralph Stanley, 5th from left is Barbara Cash.

clothing class
Mrs. Edythe McGinnis was the instructor for the clothing class.

*Update: (L-R): Yvonne Harmon, unknown, Dorothy Stewart, Emily ____, Susie Berry, Betty Jane York, Jean Duff, (Mrs. McGinnis in back), Bobby Scoggins, Montyne Perry, Montez Wilson, and Pat McCurdy.

food preparation
Two young ladies inside the food preparation class.

typing class
The typing class was taught by Miss Mae Stover.

*Update:  (L-R) Jean Morton, Bobby Scoggins, Miss Stover, L.B. Thomason, Anne Oglesby, (unknown in front), Jimmy ______, Nellie Garmany (?), and Charles Mitchell.

football team
The football team included (front row, L-R) Edwin Newsome, Roy Lee Bagley, Tom Cox, Ralph Stanley, Bobby Bush, Jimmy Williams, Bobby Nix, Scrappy Moore, Joe Fay Dacus, Jimmy Bush, Billy Parker, and (front center) Jimmy Williams, manager.  The back row shows (L-R) Billy Espy, Grant Davison, Garland Nix, O.G. Morehead, Billy Flanagan, Herman Fletcher, Arnold Johnson (captain), Bobby Pettyjohn, John Donovits, Jack Reece, and Coach Brooke Pierce.  Mr. Pierce is also listed as the principal and a math teacher.

There were two photographs of the band along with this text:  "The band was reorganized this year for the first time since the old high school building burned.  It is small but we are hoping it will increase in size by next year."

band members
(L-R)  Larry Smith, Ronald Prince, Carol White, Ralph Argo, Caroll Patterson, Hershel Blackwell, Leslie Mathis, Billy Pearson, and Anita Butler.

more band members
(L-R)  Billy Stephenson, Jack Allen, Billy Steele, Bob White, Marvin Whaley, Caroline Espy, Maxine Williams, and Jane Lowery.

girls basketball
The girls basketball team featured (front row, L-R) Bobbie Jean Fincher, Dot Stewart, Barbara Cash, Kathryn Nelson, Betty Ann May, and Coach Brooke Pierce.  Standing are (L-R) Jean Duff, Sarah Ayres, Catherine Weaver, Barbara Bridgeman, Barbara Strickland, Catherine Koonce, and Pat Teddar.

Some of the seniors included...

some seniors

  Betty Allen and Barbara

  Edna Louise Collier and
  Bobbie Jo Cothran

  Donald Johnson Cox and
  John William Cox

  Raymond Thomas Cox and
  Sara Jo Cramer.

A few of the Senior Superlatives...

most courteous

  Most Courteous

  Harry Foster
  Betty Allen



  "Scrappy" Moore
  Betty Ann May

most athletic

  Most Athletic

  Herman Fletcher
  Kathryn Nelson

most likely to succeed

  Most Likely To Succeed

  Maxine Palmour
  Jack Reece

One thing that stands out from looking through this yearbook is the number of students assigned to some of the elementary school teachers.  For example, Mrs. Nell Weems had 44 kids in her 4th grade class.  Mrs. Akins had 39 students, also in 4th grade.  Of course, this was back in the days when the threat of "cutting a hickory switch" was enough to calm even the most hyper children so perhaps the task of teaching so many little kids at once was not as difficult as it would be today.

Thanks to Milford Morgan for providing the 1948 Sequoyah.

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