Life at Summerville High  

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The theme for the 1949 Sequoyah was Life At Summerville High: An Exciting and Well-Performed Drama.

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The students most responsible for the yearbook were (L-R) O.G. Morehead, business manager; L.B. Thomason, editor-in-chief; and Martha Smith, associate editor.

mr. pierce
"As a small measure of our gratitude to you for your ready willingness to help at all times and for the kind understanding you have shown each of us, we, the seniors of '49, dedicate this, the second volume of the Sequoyah, to our principal and coach, Mr. Pierce."

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The auditorium under construction.

Senior Superlatives


more students

Members of the "S" Club included...

...(front row, L-R) Jimmy Bush, Roy Lee Bagley, Jimmy Williams, Dot Stewart, Jimmie Williams, Barbara Cash, Bobby Nix, Bobby Bush, and Edwin Newsom.  (back row, L-R)  Coach Pierce, Catherine Koonce, Billy Flanagan, O.G. Morehead, Jean Duff, Sewell Cash, John Donovits, Grant Davison, and Pat Tedder.

more club
The Future Farmers of America included (front row L-R) Billy Hoseh, J.Y. Barton, Malcolm Pickle, Ted Ott, Harmon Petitt, B.D. McCauley, Wallace Thomas, and Julian Mathis.  (Middle row, L-R)  Bobby Nix, Edward Henderson, Delphin Harris, Bobby Bush, Jimmy Williams, Herby Day, Bobby Petitt, and Leon Fleming.  (Back row, L-R)  Mr. DaVitte, Billy Shropshire, Donald Woods, Allen Woods, Bobby Pettyjohn, Ed Newson, Billy Donovits, and Billy Pearson.

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Thanks to Gene Espy for providing the 1949 Sequoyah.

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