1950 Menlo School Class Project

The June 1950 issue of the teacher's professional publication, The Instructor, featured a story on Menlo teacher Blanche Toles and her fourth grade class. The students made circus figures from cardboard and tempera paint, and read circus stories.

This photograph appeared in the Summerville News in 1950 in a story about the school project. From left to right (standing) are Nell Hamby, Bobby Simmons, Richard Romine, and Dale Wofford; (seated) Margaret Crane, Peggy Copeland, Jennie Swanson, and Charles Spraggins.

Another shot of the cardboard cutouts created by the Menlo students.

This photograph appeared in The Instructor with the following caption: "In Menlo School, Chattooga County, Georgia, Miss Blanche Tole's fourth grade cut these circus figures from cardboard and painted them with tempera paint. Upper-grade students enjoy making such figures for younger children."


Official recognition from Congressman Henderson Lanham.

Photographs and letters courtesy of Chattooga Library.

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