school exterior
Construction on the new Summerville High School was completed in late 1944.  The classrooms were opened to students in January 1945.  Behind the school you can see the lights for the football stadium.  

mrs. rudicil
"As a small token of our gratitude, appreciation, and imperishible friendship, for the kind understanding you have given us individually, for all you have done to make this a better school for us, and for your belief and trust in each of us, we the seniors of 1950, dedicate this, the third edition of the Sequoyah, to our sponsor, teacher, and friend, Mrs. C.L. Rudicil."

class officers
Senior class officers were (top row, L-R) Billy Flanagan, President; Dot Brogdon, Secretary; (botton row, L-R) Barbara Cash, Vice President; and Jimmie Williams, Treasurer.

school board members
School board members were (top row, L-R) Marshall Lowery, Jim McGinnis, (bottom row, L-R) Eugene Rackley, and Wyatt Ransom.

Leslie Mathis and Winfred Hardeman members of the football team.

The cheerleaders were Patsy Eleam, Marilyn McCurdy, Martha Tutton, Kathryn Weaver, Bill Elsberry, Barbara Cash, Carolyn Palmer, Mary Lina Powell, and Dora Ann Alexander.  Go team!

willene treadaway
The Football Queen was Miss Willene Treadaway.

girls basketball
The girls basketball team finished the season with 14 wins and 10 losses.  Front row:  Naomi Teddar, Dora Ann Alexander, Joyce Groce.  Middle row:  Susie Berry, Carolyn Palmer, Mary Lina Powell, Joyce Barnes.  Back row:  Miss Jo Maret (coach), Martha Tutton, Barbara Ann Cash, Sara Alexander, Sybil Barton, Carleen Woods, Marilyn McCurdy, Bobby Jean Fincher (manager).

state champs
One of our county's proudest moments was when the Summerville High School boys basketball team won the Class A State Championship.  (L-R) Jimmie Williams (manager), Bobby Nix, Buddy Lanier, Joe Faye Dacus, Sewell Cash, Billy Morehead, Billy Flanagan, Bobby Bush, Sims Hawkins, Jack Glenn, Tommy Ratliff, and Winfred Hardeman (manager).

boys basketball team
Another photo of some of the basketball team.  Front row:  Bobby Nix, Joe Faye Dacus, and Bobby Bush.  Back row:  Coach Garland Pinholster, Sewell Cash, Billy Morehead, and Billy Flanagan.

s club
The "S" Club posed in front of a Packard.  Front row:  Bobby Nix, Barbara Cash, Bobby Bush, Joyce Groce, Jimmie Williams, Mary Lina Powell.  Middle row:  Mr. Pinholster (sponsor), Kathryn Weaver, Billy Donovits, Bob Moore, Martha Tutton, Mr. Pierce (sponsor).  Back row:  Joe Faye Dacus, Billy Morehead, Carleen Woods, Sybil Barton, Sewell Cash, and Billy Flanagan.

school daze
The school newspaper was entitled "School Daze" and was staffed by (seated) Susie Berry, Myra Jean Gilley, Jack Meacham, Kathryn Weaver, Violet McKeehan, (standing) Bobby Bush, Billy Morehead, Bobbie Jean Fincher, and C.P. Thomason.

The friendliest students were Amaryllus Baker and Edgar Sprayberry.

laziest students
Barbara Williams and Bob Moore were voted the laziest students.  (Did the principal drive the Packard?)

Thanks to Greg Thomas for providing the 1950 Sequoyah yearbook.  His mother, Martha Thomas, was a much loved teacher at Summerville and Chattooga High Schools for many years.

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