1950s Summerville Jaycees

summerville jaycees
Gene Espy of the Summerville News contributed this photograph of the Summerville Jaycees taken sometime in the mid-1950s.  From left to right (front) are Otis Shiver, George Lane, Babe Willingham, Charles Wright, Joe Stephenson, Wayne Groce, Durward Petitt, Charles Fowler, and Charles Farrar; (back) (partially shown) Rod Hardeman Sr., Carl Linggold, Garland Nix, William Ellenburg, Don Cox, James Adams, Adies Holiday, Smiley Gregg, Robert Bowman, Bubba Dunson, Edward Bush, Harold Shavin, Jimmy Duff, Roy Joe Thomas, Billy Bowman, Ed Gay, Dr. Marlin Payne, J.R. White, and unidentified.

jayceesBill Bowman contributed this photograph, taken sometime in the mid 1950s, which shows him on the left along with, from left to right, Hugh Shamblin, Garland Nix, an unidentified Jaycees district officer, and Sam Hancock.  This photograph documented the installation of these men as new club officers.

Thanks to Gene Espy and Bill Bowman for sharing these photographs.

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