According to Bob Baker's book, the Welmyer School was formed in 1949 when the Welcome Hill and Myers schools merged.  The school was located two miles north of Trion on old Highway 27, but later merged with Pennville School in 1966.

The yearbook title shown on the cover, "The Cats Claw," is contradicted by the dedication below which lists the title as "The Cat's Paw."  No additional reference is made to the yearbook title.

mr. blessing

Apparently, the creation of the yearbook was a literal "cut-and-paste" job with each page photographed, reproduced, and bound with others.

The following are a few of the 153 students shown in the yearbook:

more students

The tiny yearbook listed the following as activities for the 1950-51 school year:

"We had a full and busy year at Welmyer School.  On October 31st, we had a Halloween carnival with bingo, house of horrors, cake walk, bobbin for apples, fish pond, and country store for entertainment.  We climaxed the carnival with the crowning of the King and Queen, Martha Ann Wacaster and Doss Alexander, and several selections were sung by the glee club.  This proved to be a happy and profitable occasion.

We celebrated Christmas by having individual Christmas trees and parties in each room.  Names were drawn and gifts were given.

On February 14th, each room had a Valentine party with a Valentine box, refreshments, and program.

Among other parties held during the year were the Easter Egg Hunt held by each room.  A prize was given to the finder of the Golden Egg.

On April 13th, we held a pie supper to raise funds for our school cafeteria.  We had bingo, a cake walk, a fish pond, and Lonzo and Oscar as musical entertainers.  Pies, home-made cakes, and candy were sold.

Sports have been enjoyed."


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