1952-53 Mrs. Doris White's 6-year-olds

doris whites class
This photograph was taken in 1952 on the steps of Summerville Elementary School on College Street (now Melrose Apartments). From left to right:

(Front or first row) Jerry Fowler, Sandra Medders, Larry Hardegree, Johnny Mack Brown, Frances Edwards, Jack Parker, and Mary Ann Jones.

(Second row) Linda Willingham, Larry Holbrook, Betty Jean Luttrell, Doris Johnson, Rodney Jones, Brenda Underwood, Larry McNair, and Jimmy Brown.

(Third row) Kenny Robinson, Lee Whisenant, Wanda Hamby, Joe Pullen, Jackie Pledger, Mike Salmon, Nell Jackson, and Thelma Miller.

(Top row) Bernice Silvers, Eugene Ayers, Peggy Warren, Judy Lenderman, Roger Johnson, Charles Williams, Joy Hankins, and Shirley Ozment.

Photograph courtesy of Joe "Don't blink!" Pullen.

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