school exterior

king and queen
"Don Gordon and Nancy Baker of Mrs. Scott's room were elected King and Queen for the second year."

mr. bailey
"By dedicating the 1952 Banner to Mr. E.N. Bailey, we are humbly attempting to express our appreciation for his loyalty, cooperation, and effeciency which he has shown us both in and out of school."

Mr. Bailey was the school principal and also taught math.

eigth grade
The Gore School only included students from the first through eighth grades. These eighth graders are shown as "seniors."

seventh graders
The entire 7th grade is shown above.

Miss Weesner and her fifth and sixth grades.

Mrs. Scott and the third and fourth grades.

Miss Padgett and the first and second grades.

4-H club
The 4-H Club.

Home Ec dept
The Home Ec. Department.

lunch ladies
Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Teague at work in the lunchroom.

Thanks to Ewell Price for the 1952 Gore School yearbook.

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