"We the senior class, dedicate the 1952 edition of the Sequoyah to Mrs. Lola James (right) and Miss Dorothy Wimpy, our beloved sponsors."

Senior Superlatives included, left to right, (seated) Martha Tutton, Anne Foster, Carolyn Palmer, and Carleen Woods; (standing) Jean Parker, Wallace Thomas, Buddy Lanier, "Skee" Donovits, George Brooks, and Betty Phillips.

Coaches Bishop, Maupin, Thomason, and Gibbs.

Summerville beat Trion 14 to 12 in 1951.

Cheerleaders included (L-R) Dora Ann Alexander, Patsy Eleam, Mary Louise Flanagan, Marilyn McCurdy, Martha Tutton, Charlotte Allmon, Mary Lina Powell, and Jo Ann Morgan.

crown  queen
Principal E.M. Blue crowns the football queen, Jean Parker.  Also shown are Jimmie Nell Kellett, Elaine Hartline, Martha Tutton, and Carleen Woods.

king and queen
There was also a Halloween King and Queen. (!?)   (L-R) Jimmie Palmer, Carolyn Jackson, Vickie Koonce, Queen Wanda Elgin, King Tommy Ratliff, Harold Williams, Billy Perry, and Rickey Kellett.


The girls basketball team included (standing) Manager Carolyn Palmer, Mary Louise Flanagan, Jean Parker, Coach Jo Maret, Shirley Koonce, Addie Roark, Joyce Groce, and Manager Jo Ann Morgan; (seated) Martha Tutton, Jo Stewart, Mary Lina Powell, Ina Foster, Carleen Woods, Roberta Dobbs, Dora Ann Alexander, and Betty Dover.

Best All-Round were Carleen Woods and Bill "Skee" Donovits.


The Friendliest Seniors were Betty Dover and Sammy Mosley.

Jane Johnson and George Brooks were named Most Studious.

Most Dependable were Mary Lina Powell and Max Bridgeman.


Ann Parker and George Brooks were voted both Wittiest and Most Likely To Succeed.


Most Popular were Jean Parker and Tommy Ratliff.

Buddy Lanier and Carleen Woods were voted Most Athletic.

dressed up

Doris Bramlett and Jack Glenn earned the title of Best Dressed.

indian lore
These students were responsible for the school newspaper, The Indian Chatter.  Front row:  Jack Glenn, Jean Parker, Joyce Groce, George Brooks, Jim Turner, Carleen Woods, Ann Parker, and Max Bridgeman.  

Second row:  Martha Tutton, Ann Peppers, Jane Johnson, Raymond Elliott, Betty Dover, Doris Mahan, Bobby Groce, Carolyn Palmer, Mary Lina Powell, Mrs. Dorothy Jordan, and Maxine Norton.  

Back row:  Roberta Dobbs, Buddy Lanier, and Sammy Mosely.

A parting shot - late afternoon at Summerville High School.

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