miss grime

    Miss Margaret Grime

"We, the Senior Class of 1953 take great pleasure in dedicating this issue of the Lyerly Lion to our sponsor Miss Margaret Grime.  It is with sincere thanks and appreciation that we make this dedication."


The entire senior class of nine students.

Top row:  Sally Anderson, Buddy Colbert, and Toni Woods.

Second row:  Bobby Woodall, Maxine Cochran, and Wilburn Ragland.

Bottom row:  Winifred Copeland, Nathaniel Baker, and Lawrence Bullard.

girls basketball
Girls Basketball "First Team"

Grammar school classes during lunch  hour.

new yearbooks
Sally Anderson, Toni Woods, and Maxine Cochran are pictured looking through the sample copy of their annual.

Thanks to Steve Edwards for providing the 1953 Lyerly Lion yearbook.

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