The 1953 Menlo Lookout yearbook was dedicated to "Miss Edna Perry who has given thirty-five years of her life of which has created a major part of our story.  To the other faculty members who have helped to make our school a better place in which to live and to work."

Mrs. J. Ernest Kennedy
Mrs. Vance Storey
Miss Helen Wyatt
Miss Jimmie Pless
Mrs. Ruth W. Johnston
Mrs. Pearl Edwards
Mrs. R. William King
Miss Jean Lee
Mr. Connie Mack Bowers
Mrs. Jim Ed Cavin
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Key

In Memoriam

Billy Houston Hawkins


Senior Class officers were, left to right, Edith Garvin, reporter; Rose Ann Day, treasurer; Iris Toles, secretary; and Babe Willingham, president. Not shown was Jane Willingham Speer, vice president.

Junior Class officers were, left to right, Frances Massey, secretary; Jackie Willingham, president; Peggy Reece, vice president; and Willard Bowman, treasurer.

Sophomore class officers were, left to right, Hugh Atkins, treasurer; Jane Bailey, secretary; Carolyn Webster, president; Allan Hames, vice president; and (seated) Margaret N. Young, reporter.

Freshmen class officers included, from left to right, Eddie Majors, president; Delane McGraw, secretary; Carol McCauley, vice president; and Houston Ward, treasurer.

eight grade
Eight grade officers included, from left to right, Richard Romine, president; Nelle Hamby, treasurer; (seated) Shirley Hill, secretary; and Gladys Lyons, vice president.

school patrol
The School Patrol included Richard Romine, Levon Brock, Lionel Hyatt, Carolyn Webster, Margaret Nell Young, Allan Hames, Ernest Hawkins, and Calvin Clark.

beta club
The Beta Club was sponsored by Miss Jean Lee and included, from left to right (seated) Margaret Young, Iris Toles, Iva Nell Lloyd, and Edith Garvin; (standing) Eddie Majors, Malcolm Kling, Carol McCauley, Carolyn Webster, and C. Yarbrough.

music club
The Music Club was sponsored by Mrs. C.A. Wyatt.

4-H Club
Iris Toles was president of the 4-H Club.

Some of the yearbook advertisers included:

Harlow Feed Store, Summerville
Ballard and King, "Your Dodge and Plymouth Dealer," Trion
Dr. H.L. Holtzendorf, Dentist, Menlo
Edward's Pharmacy, Menlo
Keown Motors, "Your Studebaker Dealer," Trion-Summerville
and Bus Terminal Grill, Summerville.

Thanks to Barbara Crowe Hammett for providing the 1953 Menlo Lookout.

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