Summerville School
Mrs. Kathryn Little's
Fifth Grade Class
March 9, 1954

Mrs. Little's class
From left to right, first row: Virginia Waters, Jackie Drummond, Carolyn Jackson, Billy Joe Myers, unidentified, Marty James, unidentified, and Betty Hamner.

Second row: Mrs. Kathyrn Little, Bobby Worsham, Brenda Wilson, Billy Johnson, Charles Ellsberry, Billy Pettit, Patty Tucker, Pete Dunson, unidentified, Steve Groce, Gail Parker, Billy Allison, unidentified.

Third row: unidentified, Jackie Smith, Ann McGraw, C.D. Long, unidentified, Donnie Ragland, Betty Dowdy, Jimmy Rickett, Beverly Roberts, unidentified, and Pasty McGraw.

Fourth row: Ronald Crouch, unidentified, unidentified, Virginia Gill, Mike Lanier, unidentified, Edward Stryker, Glenda Nittka, and Jimmy Mitchell.

If you know the names of the unidentified students, please contact me and I will update the caption.

Courtesy of Gene McGinnis.  Thanks to Mike Lanier for identifying several of his classmates.

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