snow day
A snow day for the students of Trion High School, circa 1954.

miss pennington
The 1954 Trionian was dedicated to Miss Monica Pennington.  The dedication included sixteen reasons, one for each letter of her name.

Making us stop and think.
Orderliness in class.
Never letting us down.
Implicit faith in us.
Ceaseless efforts to help us.
Ability to understand us.

Patience which we often did not deserve.
Endeavoring to guide us.
Never failing to help us.
Nurturing us mentally.
Individual interest.
Now and then correcting us.
Giving your time generously.
Teaching us to do work on time.
Office instructions.
Never seeming to give up on us.

steam plant
The old Trion Inn and steam plant are visible in this photo.

senior favorites

   Senior Favorites

   Shirley Sams

   Jimmy Hammond

senior officers

    Senior Officers

    President - Jimmy Hammond

    Vice President - Shirley Sams

    Treasurer - Anita Holt

    Secretary - Marlene Price

best all around

    Most Intellectual,
    Best All-Round,
    and Most Likely To Succeed

    Jimmy Hammond

    Shirley Sams


    Football Queen

    Miss Iva Nell Thomas

Coaches Sam McCain and Otis Tanner.  

Coach McCain said, "Our team this year showed a fine spirit of co-operation and a strong determination to win.  We were exceedingly proud of the fact that not a single player either dropped from the squad or missed a single practice except because of injury or illness.  We believe that our fine won-lost record can be attributed primarlily to this wonderful spirt."

hi-y boys
The Hi-Y included President Tommy Thomas, Treasurer Leon Sharp, and Corresponding Secretary Kenneth Bowman.

The Tri-Hi-Y Club included President Iva Nelle Thomas, Vice President Jane Smith, Treasurer Evelyn Palmer, Corresponding Secretary Jeanette Housch, and Recording Secretary Joyce Wooten.

football team
The baseball team. (Due to yearbook deadlines, this may have been the 1953 team photo.)

Front row L-R: Edge, Bennett, McCullough, Massey, Day, and Hardin.
Back row: Mathews, Hammond, Williams, Cobb, Wilson, and Coach Willard Golden.  Cordell Powell was not shown.

The golf team included Dan Thomas, Darriel Broome, Archie Brown, Jerry Hill, and (not shown) Franklin Sams.  

"In the early spring of '53 our Athletic Department organized our first golf team with Coach Tanner as thier guide and instructor.  The Team played matches with Darlington, Baylor, and McCaullie Prep Schools. The boys went to the State Tournament in Griffin and placed fourth. We are very proud of this record.  Golf is now a regular part of our athletic program."

Thanks to Jim Styles for providing the 1954 Trionian yearbook.

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