Miss Johnson and Miss Hurtt.

"It is with love and admiration that we, The Trionian Staff of '55, dedicate this volume to Miss Grace Hurtt and Miss Elizabeth Johnson.

It is but an humble effort to show our appreciation for their previous years of teaching in our high school.  

We express our thanks to them for helping to improve and make ours a better and more outstanding school.  They have woven into our high school tapestry a pattern of wisdom and fair play not found in textbooks but in the strength of unity, cooperation, and purpose.  

We are happy to dedicate this '55 Trionian to you." 

mr. miller
Principal R.H. Miller stated, "We hope you have been happy and diligent here in school for success in the future will be the results of a job well done today."

senior officers
Senior officers were President Doyle Pierce, Vice President Mary Boyles, Secretary Janell Price, and Treasurer Katherine Keith.

Students named "Mr. and Miss Senior" were Mary Boyles and Vinson Carver.

miss simmons
"Miss Ethel Simmons organized the Cafeteria Club at the beginning of the school year.  The members are enjoying many socials as well as being a great help in serving food to the students at the school cafeteria.

Purpose of the club:  To courteously serve each child an adequate portion of food that is prepared daily."

players and queen
L-R:  Football co-captain Vinson Carver, football queen Joann Bohannon, and co-captain Graham Maddux.

Charles Barrett, Joe Zellner, Ronnie McKenzie, and "Toughie."

football fans
All dressed up for a football game.

"After this year, this group will no longer be playing ball or leading cheers for us."

So long to the 1954-55 school year at Trion High School.

Thanks to Jim Styles for providing the 1955 Trionian yearbook.

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