1956 Summerville Sidewalk Improvements

In 1956 the City of Summerville paid the Georgia Highway department the grand sum of $1 to install curbing and guttering along Commerce Street and parts of Rome Boulevard and West Washington Street. Most of the storm sewers, curbs, and gutters had already been completed. The total cost of the project was in excess of $100,000 (over $850,000 in today's dollars), paid by Georgia taxpayers.

The photograph above looks northward along the east side of Commerce Street.  In the distance, Jackson Drug Company and the Tooga Theater sign are visible.

The State Restaurant once operated where Morris Jewelers is currently located on the east side of Commerce Street.  Bricks were being used to replace the worn grass around the parking meters.

This view of West Washington Street looking northwest shows the Trade Wind Furniture Company.  The sign reads "Clean Used Furniture, Buy Sell Trade, Easy Terms, Antiques."

This photograph illustrates a problem with the storm sewer on the east side of Commerce Street across from McGinnis Drug Store.  (Despite making your editor very hungry, the Lance snack truck was not cropped out of the picture.)  

storm sewer
One reason given for removing the trees along Commerce Street was the leaves which invariably clogged the storm sewers.

Photographs by T. Emmett Nunn.  Courtesy of Chattooga Library.

Information about the 1956 sidewalk improvements was from the Summerville News.

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