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principal miller

    The 1956 Trionian
    was dedicated to
    Principal R.H. Miller

"The friendly smile, listening ear, pleasant voice, spirit of good sportsmanship, presence of high ideals, understanding heart, ambitions for youths, alert mind, good sense of humor, helping hand, love for people, leader of democratic ideals, and the love and fear of God all blend to form the gentleman we know and love, our Mr. Miller."

mr. strickland

Superintendent A.J. Strickland wrote, "As we look forward to graduation from Trion High, may we keep in mind that greatness is measured by service to others."

senior officers
Senior officers were (L-R) vice president Eugene Massey, treasurer Frances Knowles, president Eugene Holt, and secretary Jeanette Housch.

journalism club
The Journalism Club's purpose was "to develop interest in writing and make a career of it."

Members included (front row, L-R) Bartlett, Henderson, Hayes, Newsome, Huston, Nix, and Zellner.  

(Middle row) Williams, Worsham,  Arden, Lawson, and Maddux.  

(Back row)  Sprayberry; Shamblin; Miss Prude, sponsor; Bryan; and Bowman.

fire marshals
"The Fire Marshals are sworn in each year by the Safety Department. They assist in fire drills and in the event there may be a fire in the school."

football team
The football team included Finister, G. Hayes, Witt, Broome, Grimes, Daniels, Baker, Plunkett, Rush, Hood, Owens, D. Hayes, Buice, D. Hayes, Vines, Styles, K. Arden, Watson, Day, Rider, Thomas, D. Arden, Lively, and Coach McCain.

The cheerleaders included (front row) Sue King, Sara Newsome, and Nell Worsham, (back row) Sue Cochran, Janice Pearson, Frances Strange, Pat Powell, Sue McCauley, and Lola Bowers.

Thanks to Jim Styles for providing the 1956 Trionian yearbook.

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