miss saxonmr. blue

"Miss Barbara Saxon - because of your unselfish help with all our activities, your patient and devoted counsel, your friendliness and your spirit of fun, we, the Senior Class, dedicate to you the 1957 edition of the Sequoyah."

"Mr. E.M. Blue - because of your constant optimism, your unfailing efforts to spur us on to greater achievements, and because of your youthful outlook and understanding of our problems, we, the Senior Class, dedicate to you the 1957 edition of the Sequoyah."

school looking west
The front campus looking west along Highway 27.

The auditorium as it looked in 1957.

"The Barn," home to many a basketball game.

The covered walkway to the cafeteria.

The cafeteria was used by all grade levels.

mr and miss sequoyah
John Shankles and Calla Mae Bryant were voted Mr. and Miss Sequoyah.

senior superlatives
The Senior Superlatives were (seated) Billy Denson, Calla Mae Bryant, Wanda Wilson, Dot Hartline, Mary F. Barron, Don Hammond, (standing) Lucille Hix, Amalene Mullen, Billy Murdock, Martha Green, Janet Freeney, and Jean Inman.

miss floyd
Miss Claudia Floyd was school secretary for many years.

marching band
The Summerville High School Marching Band, under the direction of Mr. Adies Holliday.

football team
The 1956 football team led by captains Jackie Pierce and Wayne Hurley. Coach Lamar Parker and Assistant Coach Charles Millican coached the team for this and the previous two years.

hurley and parker
Wayne Hurley received advice from Coach Parker before going into the Ringgold-Summerville game.

football players
Senior football players included (front row) Ronald Prince, Billy Murdock, Wayne Hurley, Billy Denson, (back row) Franklin Woods, John Shankles, Frank Elliott, Jackie Pierce, and Grady Willingham.

football queens
"Miss Mary Frances Barron, sponsored by Frank Elliott, was chosen as the 1956 Football Queen.  The crowning was held at the Homecoming Game with Cassville.

Attendants left to right are Alice Ruth Henderson, Johnnie Duke, the Queen, Patsy King, Anita Gorman, (standing) Dot Hartline, Dena Tallent, and Janet Freeney.  Not shown: Anna Jackson and Mary C. Williams."

girls basketball
The girls basketball team included (kneeling) Mary Charles Williams, Johnnie Duke, Anna Jackson, (standing) Alice Henderson, Cathleen Tucker, Linda Wheeler, Dianne Strickland, Martha James, Janice Hutchins, Shirley White, and Joyce Eleam.

Thanks to L.C. Smith for providing the 1957 Sequoyah yearbook.

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