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"We sincerely believe that Trion is a better place where one may worship, work, play, and live because of Mr. Murphy's interests, attitudes, contributions, and leadership for more than twenty-seven years."
                        Trionian Staff

Mr. Murphy was president of the Trion Mills.

senior officers
Senior class officers were (front row, L-R) president Jimmy Styles, treasurer Sue McCauley, vice president Gary Daniels, (back row) reporter Gordon Frady, and secretary Ronnie McKenzie.

senior favorites
Senior class favorites were Billie Henderson and Jimmy Styles.

Darriel Broome and Lola Bowers were Junior favorites.

Sophomore favorites were Eugene Colbert and Pam Watson.

Freshmen favorites: Jerry Hayes and Linda Chamlee.

student council
Student council consisted of (front row, L-R) Karen Adams, Pam Watson, Billie Henderson, and Carolyn Howell.  Middle row:  Roy Brown, Terry Finister, Kenneth Arden, Charlie Miller, and Kenneth Whitfield. Back row:  Jimmy Whitfield, Kenneth Williams, Richard Watson, Kenneth Day, and David Buthume.

football players
Georgia State Champions 1957:  (front row, L-R) Rider, B. Watson, Broome, Daniels, Rackley, McKenzie, R. Watson.  Middle row:  Coach Jones, Day, Whitfield, Royals, Powell, Miller, Williams, McClellan, and Coach McCain (cut off due to limitations of scanner).  Back row: Hensley, Hood, K. Day, Vines, Ingle, Finister, Daniels, Styles, and Arden.

coach sam mccain
Coach Sam McCain proudly displays his Coach of the Year Award from the Georgia Athletic Coaches Association.  Coach McCain led the Bulldogs to victory against the Quitman Pirates when Trion won a 21 - 18 victory on December 13, 1957 at Manchester, Georgia.

Thanks to Mackie Carson for providing the 1958 Trionian yearbook.

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