Remember the Pennville International Airport?  Sadly, this Chattooga landmark, which included a dirt-paved landing strip and one of those windsock things hanging on a pole, has been replaced by a Wal Mart, but its legacy lives on....

The following photographs originally appeared in the short-lived newspaper, the Chattooga Democrat, published by radio station WGTA from the late 1950s to the early 1960s.  The captions are included here as written in 1959.

"Bud" Thompson prepares for first jump.  F. Humphrey, Inglis, and J. Humphrey show how.  New sport introduced to Chattoogans.

September 16, 1959 - At the airstrip across from the Penn Drive-In Theater south of Trion, "Bud" Thompson, local flying enthusiast, was encouraged by friends from Cleveland, Tennessee: Maurice Inglis, F. Humphrey, and J. Humphrey.  Thompson bailed out at 2,500 feet and fell 1,000 feet before billowing out his parachute.  He made two jumps.

Snyder Makes Jump.

September 23, 1959 - Harold Snyder, left, of Trion prepares to make his first parachute jump Sunday before a crowd of some 1,000 spectators at Pennville.  Maurice Inglis of Cleveland, Tennessee helps Snyder with adjustments.  Inglis made two jumps Sunday.  On the second, he thrilled the crowded with a sky dive from about 5,000 feet.

I spoke with Harold Snyder's son recently.  He said his mother put an end to this hobby after his father drifted dangerously close to some power lines.

Photographs by T. Emmett Nunn.  Courtesy of Betty Morris Rice.

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