Brenda Wilson

"The Class of 1959 fondly dedicates this year's Sequoyah to one who will always be remembered for her friendliness to everyone."

school exterior

senior officers
Senior officers were (front row, L-R) president Ewell Price, vice president Pat Freeney, secretary Jamie Hughes, and (standing) treasurer Donnie Cooper.

annual staff
The annual staff included (sitting, L-R) J. Medders, R. Smith, J. Maxwell, M. Morris, (standing) sponsor Mr. Hair, E. Money, L. Barnes, P. Freeney, W. Smithson, P. Garner, and J. Hughes.

homecoming court
The Homecoming Court consisted of (first row, L-R) J. Hughes, M. Morris, D. Money, J. Cordle, G. Henley, C. Harris, S. Weems, C. Deering, (standing) C. Kling, V. Waters, A. Gorman, A. Van Pelt, P. Allen, and P. Bridges.

Senior Superlatives

most attractive

    Prettiest and Most Handsome

    Dottie Goodwin

    Billy Williams


    Most Courteous

    Latricia Lee

    Jerry White


    Most Likely To Succeed

    Brenda Espy

    Steve Barker

best all around

    Best All Around

    Judy Medders

    Donnie Cooper


    Most Athletic

    Reta Wooten

    Tommy Drummond


    Most Popular

    Pat Freeney

    Jamie Hughes

best dressed

    Best Dressed

    Bobbie  Holt

    Jerry Maxwell



    Mardean Martin

    Harold Williams


    Most Studious

    Delaine Tucker

    Joe Williams



    Peggy Latta

    Glenn Packer


    Most Dependable

    Martha Ann Morris

    Ewell Price

mr and miss sequoyah
Robert Smith and Judy Medders were voted Mr. and Miss Sequoyah.

starting line-up
The starting line-up for the football team consisted of (line) D. Reynolds, D. Cooper, J. Smith, S. Barker, W. Lee, D. Hawkins, L. Barnes, (backs) C. Chastain, T. Drummond, P. Freeney, and T. Hall.

The ends were J. Baker, R. Freeney, L. Barnes, D. Reynolds, F. Allen, and B. Johnson.

A view toward the back of the auditorium before school consolidation and overcrowding forced the school to add walls for additional classrooms.

Thanks to Steve Edwards for providing the 1959 Sequoyah yearbook.

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