mrs. royals

    Mrs. Nan Royals

"We esteem her for her integrity;
We admire her for her ability;
We honor her for her service;
We love her for - herself.

In her we find a wise counselor and a sincere friend, as well as an accomplished teacher.  We admire and appreciate her noble character, her vast knowledge, and most of all her human unerstanding.  She has always been willing and even eager to give of her time and energy to make our years at Trion High more profitable.  She has worked with untiring effort and enthusiasm, not only giving to her students the advantages of her years of experience, but also inspiring them with her high ideals."

The Trionian Staff
Pat Cooper

senior officers
Senior officers were (front, L-R) reporter Jean Hancock, treasurer Judy Allen, (back row, L-R) president Darriel Broome, vice president Jimmy Burdett, and secretary Charlie Miller.

hanging out at the library

journalism class
The journalism class included (front, L-R) Jean Stowe, Judy Allen, Pam Watson, Jeanne Bankey, Peggy Snow, (back) Joyce Hankins, Jackie Rider, Pat Smith, and Barbara League.

jump sticks
The Jump Sticks included Mack Durham, Eugene Evans, Tracey Campbell, Benny Sprayberry, James Pilgrim, Michael Sprayberry, Jerol Hogue, Donnie Maddux, Charles Sizemore, Billy Southerland, Frank Lewis, Charles Frost, and Kenny Owens.  (Order of names is uncertain.)

homecoming queen
Lola Bowers was crowned Homecoming Queen.

school bus
Traveling to West Rome High School for a basketball game.

aerial view
Farewell to the peaceful little world of Trion, Georgia, circa 1959.

Thanks to Mackie Carson for providing the 1959 Trionian yearbook.

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