1960 Riegel Memorial Methodist Church Homecoming

This photograph appeared in the June 8, 1960 edition of the Chattooga Democrat newspaper with the following caption:

RIEGEL MEMORIAL HAS HOMECOMING: The Rev. Shelton Adams, pastor; Mayor W.B. Simmons; Miss Ethel Simmons; Ralph Holt; and the Rev. Carl McGrady of Alpharetta, Ga., left to right, foreground, were the principals at a homecoming observed Sunday by the congregation of the Riegel Memorial Methodist Church. The Rev. Mr. McGrady was the guest speaker. Dinner was held on the grounds, followed by a song service at 2 p.m.

(Note: In 1971, the church name was changed to Trion United Methodist Church.)

Photograph by T. Emmett Nunn. Courtesy of Chattooga County Library.

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