Menlo High School folded into the newly-named Chattooga High School in 1961.  Here's a look at one of the last yearbooks from Menlo High.

mr. shigley
Robert N. Shigley was principal and wrote the following message:

"In school you have been given the tools with which to pursue knowledge.  With the use of these tools, you can open the doors to a score of new worlds.  For the person with the inquiring and logical mind, there are unlimited opportunities.  It is within your power as future leaders to make this world a still better place in which to live, but without learning you cannot hope to do so.  You hold the future in your hands.  Whether it be blackened from the blight of ignorance, or bright with the light of knowledge, is up to you."

The entire faculty of Menlo High School:  (L-R) Paul Hosmer, Jack Clark, Edna Perry, Yvonne Thompson, Principal Robert Shigley, B.C. Wilson, and Oscar Payne.

football team
The football team included (front row, L-R) Harold Walker, Roland Green, James Szymanski, Jimmy Copeland, Travis Hill, Faye Thomas, and Neil Gilreath.  Second row:  Danny Hegwood, Robert Yarbrough, Larry Boyd, Tommy Ballard, Roy Moses, Calvin Baker, and Taylor Adams. Back  row:  Coach Oscar Payne, Willie Holt, Gene Carter, Carlton McClung, Doyle Brown, G.E. Schrader, Edwin Wilson, and Larry Canada.

basketball cheerleaders
The basketball cheerleaders were (L-R) Jeannine Chamlee, Fay Hawkins, Ruth Anne Callan, Margaret Callan, Martha Holt, Louise Galloway, and Lynda Hames.

senior 4H
These were the senior 4-H Club members.  (No names listed.)

yearbook staff
Mr. Paul Hosmer led the annual staff which included Sybil Hames, Willie Holt, Barbara Crowe, Jimmy McRae, Carlton McClung, Nelda Steele, Joyce Hawkins, Liz Sumner, Edwin Wilson, and Jeannine Chamlee.

future teachers
The Future Teachers of America club.

Some Senior Superlatives  

best all around

  Best All Around

  Barbara Crowe
  Eugene Holcomb

most dependable

  Most Dependable

  Travis Hill
  Nelda Steele

most polite

  Most Polite

  David Flarity
  Mary Keen

most popular
Most Popular were Liz Sumner and Taylor Adams.

Thanks to Milford Morgan for providing the 1960 Menlo "Lookout."

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