1960 Trion Department Store Roundup

This photograph appeared in the October 5, 1960 edition of the Trion Facts
and shows the staff of the Trion Department Store (AKA "The Big Friendly") ready for their annual roundup sale:

The names (somewhat confusing as the rows of people are not distinct) as they appeared in the original caption are, from left to right, (front row) Robert Taylor, Bozo the Clown (Kelly Bryant), Gerald Pinion, (second row) Dallas Stinson, Pete Owens, Ralph Mann, Carlos Buice, Phil Martin, Billy Chandler, Charles Harris, (standing) Dewey Johnson, Homer McWhorter, Tip McCollum, Esther Stiles, Marge, Emery, Jerry Spears, Lenora Buice, Jo Parker, Margie Whitfield, Brick Mason, J.A. Crouch, Roy Bruce, Carl Baker, Tom Day, Jack Henderson, Dot Hatfield, Fannie Mae Brown, Eva Clark, Katherine Brock, Maxie Head, Winfried Scoggins, Ruth Grubbs, Jake Haygood, Joe Ray, Mary Frances Dawson, Frances Hankins, Barbara Sells, Peggy Day, Shorty Hawkins, Erwin Thomas, Elsie Elrod, Polly Bohannon, Mary Nell Warnock, Mozelle Bartlett, Hazel Bankey, Kathleen Maddux, and Frank Watts.

Photograph by T. Emmett Nunn. Courtesy of Chattooga County Library.

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