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"Summerville High School, 1959-60!  Yes, that's our school!  In preparing the 1960 Sequoyah, we have striven to produce a book which would remind you of just that, Summerville High School, 1959-60.  We present the book to give you a record of this school year's activities. The great moments of this year - those moments of excitement and anticipation and, yes, those, too, of sadness and disappointment - those thrilling experiences shared by the entire school, and those shared only by you.  We hope that you will enjoy it, now and in the years to come, as much as we have enjoyed preparing it for you."

                                              The 1960 Sequoyah Staff

Mr. Will Hair
The 1960 Sequoyah was dedicated to Mr. William B. Hair with a poem written by a student:

"I'd like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me,
 I'd like to be the help that you are always glad to be,
 I'd like to mean as much to you each minute of the day
 As you have meant, Good Friend of Mine, to me along the way;
 I'm wishing at this special time that I could but repay,
 A portion of the gladness that you've strewn along my way;
 If I could have but just one wish, this only would it be,
 I'd like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me!"

E.M. Blue
Mr. E.M. Blue was the school principal.

Olaf Bergwall, Jesse Laseter, and Ken Keese were teachers.

Orble Allen, Jean Mann, and Edythe McGinnis were also on the faculty.

J.G. Poolos was the Band Director.  Jerry Purser and Marinelle Trimble were in the Social Studies department.

football team
(L-R) First row: Billy Mitchell, Steve Groce, Ronald Crouch, James Peppers, Sammy Strange, Bob Mahan, Everett James.  2nd row:  Manager Don Johnson, Jimmy Raines, Alex Johnson, Tommy Dooley, Bud Reynolds, Charles Keith, Ray Casey, Harry Barnes, Mike McGill, Manager Kellly Hudson.  3rd row: Head Coach Jesse Laseter, Farrill Allen, Billy Johnson, Bob Himes, Bob Barker, William Twomey, Jerry Skelton, Louis Wilson, Bobby Brown, Petey Dunson, Line Coach Joe Hamilton.  4th row:  Co-Captain Don Reynolds, Kelly Koonce, Co-Captain Tommy Hall, Weyman Fincher, Randy Freeney, Peter Boney, Jackie Smith, William Barrentine, William Ray.

"At the end of an evenly matched first half, the score stood Summerville 6, Stephens County 6.  Summerville's scoring came from a 39-yard pass play from Harry Barnes to Co-Captain Don Reynolds.  It was a topsy-turvy third quarter in which Stephens County went ahead 13 to 6. Summerville tied it up early in the fourth quarter on Petey Dunson's 1-yard plunge.  The play that made history for Summerville came with 1 minute and 38 seconds left on the clock.  A Harry Barnes pass to All-State end Dudley Lentz clicked for a 39-yard touchdown.  Halfback Tommy Hall scored the extra point.  The Summerville Indians made history once again by beating the Stephens County Indians 20 to 13 to win the North Georgia Championship in one of the season's most exciting games.  The victory halted the 1958 State Champs 26-game winning streak, thus doing the so-called impossible."

"Summerville High tried something different for homecoming this year. Each homeroom elected a representative and all the Senior football players sponsored a girl.

On the afteroon of the big game, a parade was held.  The girls, dressed in suits, rode down the main street of Summerille in convertibles.  The excited girls were all very beautiful.

Then the big night arrived.  The girls, dressed in suits, and the boys, dressed in dinner jackets, anxiously awaited the moment when the Homecoming Queen would be announced.  At half-time the couples, who were almost frozen, walked slowly out on the field while the band played "Twilight Time."  Everyone waited!  Then - the voice came over the loud speaker, "The 1959 Homecoming Queen is Miss Alice Ruth Henderson!"  Screams, sighs, and tears climaxed the event for another year."

leaving school
"Down the hall and into the street, off to the Rec the gang to meet."

"All these girls drink Tro-Fe Milk from Allen & Logan Farm Supply."
                                                     - yearbook ad copy

Miss Chattooga County
Standing:  Lisa Hardeman, Mary York, Barbara Baker, Ann Parham, Jimmy Lee Palmour, Linda Demonia, Linda Wheeler, Pat Strickland, Gwynne Cline.  Seated:  Joan Cordle, Miss Chattooga County of 1959.

Mrs. Trimble conducting a Social Studies class.

Photos of the previous year's Junior Senior Banquet and Prom were included in the 1960 yearbook.  The girls were separated from the boys?

Another photo of the 1959 banquet.  That's Principal Blue on the left. School Superintendent Lowell Hix is in the center.

Thanks to Brenda Cordle Park for providing the 1960 Sequoyah.

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