"With respect and gratitude we dedicate this annual to the citizens of Menlo and the surrounding communites.  We appreciate the support and unwavering devotion that you have given us over the years.  Thank you for seeing the great future which lies in store for this school and your children.  May you have the same courage and foresight in the future as you have in the past."

The faculty for the high school included, from left to right, (front row) Kathryn MacVane, Yvonne Thompson, and Edna Perry; (top row) Oscar Payne, B.C. Wilson, Principal Robert Shigley, Paul Hosmer, and Rollin Beard.

more teachers
Faculty for the underclassmen included, from left to right, (front row) Evangeline Shigley, Hazel Lewis, and Pearl Edwards; (top row) Mildred Story, Inez Rattray, Blanche Toles, Helen Wyatt, and Robbye Green.

Senior officers were (left to right) vice president Brenda Wesson, president Carolyn Hood, and secretary-treasurer Maxine Wofford.  Not shown is reporter Harold Walker.

Carolyn Hood was also Homecoming Queen for 1960.

Junior officers included, from left to right, (front row) vice president Jeanette Shireman, president Marie Hammond, and treasurer Christeen Carnes; (back row) secretary Janice Tallent and reporter Joye Flarity.

No photograph of the sophomore officers appeared in the 1961 yearbook.

Freshmen officers included, from left to right, (front row) president Sandra Boyd and vice president Kay Brown; (back row) secretary Carolyn Hawkins and treasurer Dot Gilley.

The football team included, from left to right, (front row) Thomas, Hosmer, Wooten, Green, Vaughn, Dawson, and Adams; (middle row) Baker, Copeland, Day, Szymanski, Moore, Ballard, and Walker; (top row) Ward, Hegwood, Schrader, Brown, Young, Boyd, Green, and Coach Oscar Payne.

The boys basketball team was captained by Tommy Ballard (15) and co-captained by Calvin Baker (22).  The coach was Oscar Payne.

The basketball cheerleaders were, from left to right, Marie Hammond, Lynda Hames, and Martha Holt.

yearbook staff
The yearbook staff included editor-in-chief Frances Farmer (top, second from right), editor Barbara Massey (top left), business manager Maxine Wofford (top right), and advertising manager James Dawson (top, center).

Thanks to Barbara Crowe Hammett for the 1961 Menlo Yearbook.

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