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    Dedicated to
    Mrs. Wingfield

"What is a dedication?  A name, and a message prefixed in a book, expressing affection for a friend.

The book is the 1961 edition of the Trionian.  The message is that of appreciation for a lady who gives unstintingly of her time and energy; a lady who is dedicated to the advancement, growth, and achievements of Trion High School and each of her students, especially in English.

A book, a message, and now a friend to complete our dedication - a friend of the past, the present, and the future.

We dedicate the Trionian to YOU, Mrs. Wingfield."

senior officers
Senior officers were (clockwise, starting at top) president Jimmy Whitfield, vice president Freddie Simmons, secretary Karen Adams, and treasurer Jimmy Royals.

mr and miss ths

  Mr. and Miss THS

  Karen Adams

  Mackie Carson

most athletic

  Most Athletic

  R.E. Huston

  Anita Hartline



  Linda Chamlee

  Ralph Tripp


  Most Intellectual

  Richie McKenzie

  Karen Adams


  Most Dependable

  Anita Hartline

  Jerry Hayes

all around

  Best All Around

  Jerry Lancaster

  Anita Hartline



  Brenda Grimes

  Jimmy Royals


  Most Likely To Succeed

  Richie McKenzie

  Linda Aaron



  Anita Hartline

  Jerry Hayes


  Most Beautiful Girl

  Anita Hartline

  Most Handsome Boy

  Mackie Carson

football team
Front row:  Wayne Kitchens, Johnny Bryan, Raymond Tripp, Jerry Lancaster, Ralph Tripp, Richard Thomas, Billy Henderson, Tracy Campbell.

Second row:  Coach Gordon Jones, Terry Witt, Ronnie Hayes, Johnny Simmons, Donnie Baker, Tommy Gardner, Billy Southerland, Billy Bryant, Coach Sam McCain.

Third row:  Jimmy Whitfield, Jerry Hayes, Mackie Carson, Larry Ellsberry, Billy Thomas, Ronnie Lancaster, Gary Brewster, Jerrell Hogue.

Top row:  Ben Huston, James Brown, Marshall Dooley, Jerry Grimes, David Bethune, Tommy Moore, Harold Gardner.

Thanks to Mackie Carson for providing the 1961 Trionian yearbook.

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