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Hinton Freeman
"The 1964 Sequoyah is dedicated to Freeman Hinton, Chattooga High School Custodian.  "Speedy" holds a very special place in the heart of every student and teacher.  He is leaving Chattooga High School this year, but his memory will be cherished by all who know him.  The Sequoyah Staff takes great pleasure in paying this trubute to Freeman "Speedy" Hinton - the cupid of CHS."

(If anyone has a story about Mr. Hinton, let me know.)

Speaking of stories, who knows about the signage painted atop the high school?  You can see where it has been painted over on the right side of the above photo.  


The letters painted atop the high school read "Sing Sing Prison. Warden Big Mama."  

1964 graduate Henry Barrow states "Nell Taylor, longtime English teacher, was referred to by many male students as 'Big Mama.' This nickname was painted one night in large letters on the roof facing the highway.  It stayed up several days before school maintenance painted over it.  I remember Mrs. Taylor took the whole thing in stride. She was a class lady."

But who was the culprit?  C'mon, all you Chattooga Photo History readers.  Somebody out there needs to play stool pigeon and rat on the hooligan who committed this misdeed.  Besides, I'd love to get the first hand scoop.  Confession is good for the soul!  

The baseball team, looking snazzy in their letter jackets.

Future Business Leaders of America or FBLA.

The Hi-Y Club.

Thanks to Robert Norton for providing the 1964 Sequoyah yearbook.

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