We, the Senior Class of 1964-65, dedicate this annual to our advisor Mrs. Ida Mae K. Reese, who has striven through painless efforts to compile this yearbook.  Mrs. Reese, head of the Mathematics department, came to us from Miles College, Birmingham, Alabama.  She holds a B.A. degree in Mathematics and she is a great asset to our faculty.

In Appreciation

Mr. C.R. Holloway and Mr. B.J. Mosley

In everyone's life comes a moment when people pause to honor where honor is due.

Mr. Holloway is an individual who is outstanding, not only in his immediate community, but in the county at large.  Mr. Holloway's integrity has made him a beloved citizen in the state of Georgia.

Mr. B.J. Mosley, a bonafide citizen of Chattooga County, has won the respect of the citizens of this county because of his sound counsel which he so freely gives to all who seek it.  He is never too busy or too tired to give of his precious time the advice that so many need.

It is with deep gratitude that we write this appreciation to Mr. C.R. Holloway and Mr. B.J. Mosley.

                                                THE SENIOR CLASS


Mr. E.L. Lawson was the principal of A.C. Carter High School in 1965 and wrote this message in the yearbook:

As I look upon the Graduation Class of 1965 with gratitude and admiration, the challenge that faces them makes me pause with awe, for they know not the world they are entering.

The Space Age holds untold demands that only education can help the members of the 1965 class answer the call by the world of technology. They must acquaint themselves with its demand and requirements.

Yesterday the words, "Twinkle, twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are," were quoted frequently.  Today the quotation goes, "Twinkle, twinkle little star, I am learning what you are."  These quotations show the class of 1965 is faced with facts, with potentials for which, if he is not prepared, he alone will be the casualty.

Teachers included, from left to right, Miss Eve Allgood, Mrs. C.G. Cammon, and Mrs. Delia Davis.

Miss Barbara Green, Mr. C.R. Holloway, and Miss Rachel Johnson.

Mrs. Lillian Lawson, Mr. Benjamin Mosley, and Mrs. Susie Mosley.

Mrs. Rose Reese, Mrs. I.M. Reese, and Mr. J.T. Yarbough.

Who's Who included...

Most Popular - John Nichols and Gayle Jones
Most Active - Brenda Ludy and Lenzy Ludy
Most Active Couple - Craig Finley and Dorris Darden
Most Humorous - Dorris Darden and Terry Wright
Most Handsome Boy and Beautiful Girl - John Nichols and Ann Martin
Most Ambitious - Dorris Darden and Craig Finley
Most Likely To Succeed - Sharon Rounsaville and Robert Smith
Best Dressed - Betty Pollard and Hasker Reed

Girls basketball players included, from left to right, (first row) Charlotte Bennett, Wanda Darden, Ella Goodgame, Clara Walker, Hattie Shropshire, Jacqueline Byron, Marilyn London, and Linda Ludy.  Principal E.L. Lawson was the coach.

Second row included Laura Jackson, Linda Farmer, Lula Ware, Brenda Ludy, Bernice London, Gloria Vaughn, Patricia Allen, Guinnetta Vaughn, and Cherry Allen.

Coach Lawson plots stategy with his players.

girls basketball
Bernice London and Guinnetta Vaughn on the court.

The boys basketball team included, from left to right, (first row)  (note: one name missing from original list) W. Lenzy Ludy, Ronald Bennett, and Stacey Mosley.  Mr. J.T. Yarbough was the coach.

Second row included Robert Smith, Robert Rounsaville, Robert Goodgame, Carl Shropshire, Ellis Darden, and Ronald Montgomery.

This photograph shows, from left to right, (first row) Pearl London, Wanda Evans, Sharon Rounsaville, Bessie Ludy, Gayle Jones, Laura Jackson, Sarah Mostiller, and Regenia Shropshire.

Second row shows Jacqueline Stample, Barbara Johnson, George Hudgins, Billy McMichael, Timothy Bailey, Geraldine Sturdivant, Judy Morton, and Burnnetta Vaughn.

Shown above are, from left to right, (first row) Laura Jackson, Linda Farmer, Gail Underwood, Sarah Mostiller, and Regenia Shropshire.

Second row includes Judy Morton, Burnnetta Vaughn, Evelyn Mosley, and Lynn Watkins.

Thanks to Ms. Clemmie Black for providing the 1965 A.C. Carter High School yearbook.  

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