1966 Baptisms at Teloga Creek

I spotted the first photograph on Mackie Carson's Facebook page and recognized it as one I had scanned two years ago. Mackie's photo indicated it was developed in May 1966 and showed his father, Earlie H. Carson, baptizing several young people at Teloga Creek. I went back through my files and discovered the second photograph taken at the same time by Trion photographer T. Emmett Nunn. I'll let Mackie describe the event:


"This baptism was the result of a revival where a lot of young folks dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ and wanted to be baptized and become members of Dry Valley Baptist Church. This was the last church my Dad would pastor before retiring. Prior to this church Dad was Pastor at West Summerville Baptist Church, Mountain View Baptist Church, Berryton Baptist Church, and Waterville Baptist Church. He really loved working with the “young folks.” While at Waterville he organized a boys baseball team that played other teams in Chattooga County.


"Dad had a local radio program on Sunday mornings on WGTA. I recall riding with him through the streets of Trion with a loud speaker attached to his car announcing an upcoming revival.

"For a period of time Daddy would work in the cotton mill at night, cut hair on Saturday at Trion Barber Shop, work his garden in the summer, preach on Sunday morning and Sunday night as well as on Wednesday night. Dad felt a man’s idle hands led to a devil’s work.

"While at Dry Valley the Church burned due to a furnace defect. Daddy was working the 3rd shift at Riegel Textile and was “burning both ends of the candle” to get it rebuilt. He had a bad heart attack as a result of this strain on his heart. Many years later, after retiring, Dad was notified the “note” was being burned to signal the Church was now paid for and he rejoiced with other members. This “note burning” was pictured in the local newspapers and in T. Emmett Nunn’s book.

"Dad lived to be 79 and died in 1991. He was a hard working and devoted man. I loved him dearly."

For a high resolution image of the above photographs, click here.

Thanks to Mackie Carson for the heartfelt memories of his father. Photographs by T. Emmett Nunn. Courtesy of Chattooga County Library.

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