1966 Roosevelt Young

Chattooga County Coroner Roosevelt Young is shown being filmed by WSB-TV (Atlanta) Channel 2 News Cameraman McKinley Jones. (Oddly, both seemed to have been named for U.S. presidents.)

A similar photograph appeared in the March 10, 1966 edition of the Summerville News, which stated that Young, whose duties included taking care of the courthouse, collected buffalo nickels from the Coke machines he owned at the courthouse. (!) Two years earlier, Young had already saved enough nickels from his vending machine franchise to purchase a "deluxe cedar casket" from County Commissioner Harry Powell. Apparently, Young had saved enough nickels (and dimes as Cokes were selling for 10 cents by 1966) to buy a steel burial vault to go with his casket and WSB-TV was so impressed with Young's foresight of the inevitable that they hoped their story would even make the national Huntley Brinkley newscast.

No, I'm not making this up. It must have been a slow news day!

Photograph by T. Emmett Nunn. Courtesy of Chattooga County Library. Information from the Summerville News.

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