new school
The new home of Chattooga High School.  Go Indians!

Freshmen Rodney and Nancy enter the school.

science club
The Science Club is where it's at!

front office
Mrs. McGinnis confers with Mr. King and Miss Floyd.

In the days before VCRs and DVD players, you had to lug a bulky film projector and reels of film into the classroom.  Remember how the film would always "jump the gate" and everything got blurry?  Oh, and that bizarre intro spliced onto the beginning of every film with the state flag flapping to "Dixie?"

pep rally
Two bits, four bits, six bits....  The football players look like they're being punished instead of being idolized at a pep rally.

mcgraw and shamblin
Coach McGraw and Coach Shamblin in a happy mood.

school patrol
The school patrol boys and their sponsor, Mr. Copeland.  Don't try to sneak any psychedelic contraband past these guys!

basketball cheerleaders
The basketball cheerleaders sitting in the dangerously tight quarters of "the barn."

most athletic
Helen Housch and David Jones were voted Most Athletic.

Thanks to Yvonne Norton for providing the 1966 Sequoyah yearbook.

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