1969 Chattooga High School Yearbook Photos

Here are several photographs taken by T. Emmett Nunn during the 1968-69 school year for Chattooga High School's Sequoyah yearbook. These images were scanned from the original negatives and may appear uncropped compared to those in the yearbook, and several were never used.

The captains of the Chattooga High School football team are shown holding the trophy for winning the Region 7-AA Championship. They are, from left to right, Jim Day, Heath Livingston, Lee Lenderman, and Stacy Ray.

Stacy Ray accepts a football trophy for Most Valuable Defensive Player of 1968 from an unidentified girl.

Tommy Payne was awarded the football trophy for Most Improved Player of 1968.

Head football coach Jack Shamblin (left) accepts an award from two unidentified men.

Members of the coaching staff and Linebacker's Club check out the latest in game recording devices, a reel-to-reel videotape recorder (on cart) attached to a camera. Included in this photograph are, from left to right, Coach Willie Joe McGraw, Principal Bill Kinzy, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Harry McGinnis, Marlin Payne, Jimmy Woodard (mostly hidden), Robert Floyd, unidentified, Coach Jack Shamblin (mostly hidden by camera), unidentified, and unidentified.

From left to right: Tim Livingston, Robert Floyd, Nancy Lenderman, Paula Easter, and Marlin Payne are shown in a photograph taken in the school's front lobby. Floyd and Payne are presenting the students with new jackets embroidered with "Region 7-AA Champions."

Gary Duke (left) and Cleo Goodgame were co-captains of the basketball team.

This photograph is similar to one that appears in the yearbook. From left to right (front row) are Jack Cash, Gary Duke, unidentified, Cleo Goodgame, and Greg Ludy; (back row) Danny Hudson, Lee Lenderman, Mike Turner, and Ladell Norton.

Kathy Foster (left) and Mary King were co-captains of the girl's basketball team.

The team included, from left to right, Jackie Cook, Becky Wilson, unidentified, unidentified, Peggy Reynolds, Mary King, Nancy Hale, unidentified, Kathy Foster, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, and unidentified. If you can identify the unknowns, please contact me and I'll update.

basketballBoth of the girl's basketball team photographs were not used in the yearbook. (Somebody blinked!)

groupMr. Paul Hosmer (left) is sitting with this group so I'm guessing these are the Future Farmers of America.

The remaining photographs show the 1969 Senior Superlatives, first with an unused "outtake" followed by the uncropped version of the photograph used in the yearbook.

best all aroundbest all aroundStacy Ray and Nancy Hale were Best All Around.

most attractivemost attactiveSue Rich and Lee Lenderman were Most Attractive.

friendliestfriendliestJerry Allen and Nancy Hale pose with Sandy the horse in front of Southern 5 & 10 as the Friendliest seniors.

wittiestwittiestSandra Treadway and Steve Baker were Wittiest.

athleticathleticMary King and Lee Lenderman were Most Athletic.

dependabledependableJeanne Stanfield and Bob Farrar were Most Dependable.

succeedsucceedDavid Smith and Paula Crouch were Most Likely To Succeed (and also Mr. and Miss Citizenship).

courteouscourteousRandy Smith and Carole Gilley were Most Courteous.

talentedtalentedJan Fox and Heath Livingston were Most Talented.

Photographs by T. Emmett Nunn. Courtesy of Chattooga County Library.

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