What a difference a year makes!  Especially in haircuts and bellbottoms. Compared with the 1972 yearbook, this Sequoyah documents the apparent arrival of the 1960s to our favorite little town.

senior officers
Senior officers were (L-R) Treasurer Suzann Williams, Secretary Jeannie Owens, Vice President Delores Witt, and President Tony Thompson.

ms  taylor
The 1973 Sequoyah staff dedicated their yearbook "to Mrs. Nell Taylor for her many years of hard work and loyalty to Chattooga High School."

4-h officers
The 4-H officers were (L-R) Greg Stewart, Mary K. Camp, Tom Stubbs, Kathy McGraw, Elaine High, and Barbie Pickle.  Whatever happened to that Pickle girl?

The "dry look" era was launched in the cosmotology lab with devastating results for Brylcreem.

VICA was sponsored by Mr. Copeland.

Mr. and Ms. Citizenship:  (L-R) Anne Pesterfield, Herman Fletcher, and Suzann Williams.  Note: this is the first year "Ms." was used instead of "Miss."  The times they were a-changin'.

Bobby Mitchell discusses a play.

The History Department consisted of Stan Cook, Doug Ford, Martha Durham, Ben Mosley, Steve Peppers, and Mary Nell Trimble.  Danny Hartline was a student teacher.

Gerry Perry jumps high for Chattooga.

The Interclub Council.

language dept
The Language and Fine Arts Department consisted of (L-R) front row:
George Henderson, Kathie Wall, Nell Taylor, and Rodney Allred.  Back row:  Janie Ballenger, Golden Ufford, Louise Stewart, Peggy Bishop, and Francis Ellis.

pe dept
Jack Mayo, Buddy Windle (seated), and Olaf Bergwall were the Physical Education Department.

Thanks to Barbara P. McCollum for providing the 1973 Sequoyah.

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