"The 1973-74 Sequoyah Staff dedicates this annual to every CHS student who has cared enough to Reach Out and Touch other lives with his own."

"Band Director George Henderson expresses much approval of the 73-74 CHS band.  Not only do they sound better by playing such music as 'Shaft,' 'Popcorn,' and 'Redskin Ramble,' but new uniforms give them a neat appearance to go along with the cool sound."

High school is such a drag.  

Frances Ellis, Louise Stewart, Kathie Wall, and Nell Taylor.  According to the yearbook, Mrs. Ellis was elected Teacher of the Year for Chattooga County.

football team
"Perhaps our '73 Indians were the best team in all CHS history.  A dazzling 14-6 victory over the defending sub-region champion, Coosa, kept a stupendous six game winning streak alive and captured 7AA North Title.  This gave us another shot at East Rome.  They demolished the Gladiators in every phase of the game, but due to untimely interceptions, the brave Indians went down in defeat.  Although it was disappointing, the sophomores and juniors would return to compete again, but tears were inescapable to the senior players, who gradually realized this was their last game.  To be an Indian is a cherished thing."


Some Homecoming nominees and their escorts.

Thanks to Barbara P. McCollum for providing the 1974 Sequoyah.

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