football team
"Winning is the goal of everyone, but to accept your loss and learn from your mistakes is a better preparation for life.  Our '75 Indians fought hard and devoted themselves to winning.  They accepted the losses and proved that our Indian spirit never dies."

band on the run
"This year's band director, Barry Gilreath, asked band members to work harder than any other band in the past.  As a crowning reward for hard work and dedication, CHS received an invitation to march in the Disney World Parade with many other superior rated high school bands.:

mr. mosley
Mr. Mosley was a much-admired member of the faculty.

boys basketball
"The '75-'76 Roundballers had a slow start, but their 4th game proved that another great basketball year was in progress when CHS defeated Dalton 63-60.  The Indians demonstrated their fighting ability througout the season.  Their ability radiated in the starting line-up consisting of Skipper Starr, Tommy Booker, Kent Perry, Ephran Price, and LaWayne Price.

The scheduled games ended with a 14-8 record, but the Indians did not stop there.  Big Red fought fiercely for a first place trophy in the Christmas Tournament and successfully continued to take second in Region play.

Indian determination was inspired by Coach Jack Mayo, or possibly the realization that this Indian team would be the last one to play in the Barn.  As of February 1976, the Chattooga War Lodge became the new home for the team."

basketball cheerleaders
"The '75-'76 Basketball Cheerleading squad was the first one in CHS history to be an all-black squad.  Along with the cheers performed in the time-outs, clever stunts brightened the actions for the squad."

girls basketball team
"While battling toward a winning season, the '75-'76 Girls Varsity Basketball team surpassed all previous girl's teams at CHS with their final season record of 11-11.  Throughout the season the girls were never discouraged or disheartened when they lost a game or two.  They just fought with all their hearts to emerge as victors."

"One of the highlights of the Civic Youth Day was the arrest and booking of CHS principal Jack Herring by Sheriff Mike McCary."

miss chattooga county
"The top beauties in the county, according to the 1976 judges, were Barbie Pickle (Miss Chattooga County), first runner-up Teresa Wilson from Trion, and second runner-up Dee Johnson, a freshman at CHS."

The Ecology Club included officers Doug Ledford, Lynn Jackson, Mamie Clarkson, Pam Edwards, Jim Cleveland, and Debo Busby.

"Ephran Price caught a throw from the pitcher to tag the runner off first base."

"On deck, Stan Willingham warmed up for his turn to slug 'em out of the park"

Thanks to Barbara P. McCollum for providing the 1976 Sequoyah.

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