1978 Meets the Roaring Twenties
at Summerville Junior High School

In February 1978, Summerville Junior High School held a Roaring Twenties day. Faculty and students dressed in period costumes for the occasion.

Summerville Junior High School was located on Rome Boulevard in the building formerly occupied by Chattooga High School and Summerville High School. The school's name was later changed to Summerville Middle School. The building shown in these photographs has been demolished.

kids with guns
Several students dressed as gangsters. (No, they didn't have "gangstas" in 1978!)  From left to right: Dwight Burton, Jerry Lee Davis, Mark Wilson, and Barry Bridges.

stop these kids
This is the price you paid in the 1920s for ratting on your classmates. Hey, guys, show some mercy! Use the electric paddle instead!

These teachers got in on the fun with period costumes. From left to right: Principal Lamar Parker dressed as a flying ace; Rodney White was a man-of-the-world; Martha Thomas portrayed a schoolmarm; Nancy Hammons was a flapper; Connie Hunt dressed as a sophisticated debutante; and Denise Fisher was a bathing beauty.

mrs thomas
"Schoolmarm" Martha Thomas rings the school bell to start classes. Bummer!

mrs thomas with kids
Martha Thomas supervises the churning of homemade ice cream.

Teacher Steve Jones (fourth from right) remembers Lamar Parker as one of the best principals he ever worked for. "He instituted many unusual opportunities for learning," Steve recalls.

Photographs by T. Emmett Nunn. Courtesy of Chattooga County Library.
Some caption information from the Summerville News.

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