our first date

Inside a house in Oconee County, Georgia sits a box full of old photographs and inside the box, you'll find a small Kodak picture album, the kind with the spiral edge to hold a handful of memories.

Many years ago, a happy young lady wrote on the picture album the words "Our first date on a Sunday afternoon" to commemorate an event leading to romance and marriage, a union which lasted "until death do us part."

sum bramlett
The young lady's name was Sue Bramlett.  She and her date "double dated" and enjoyed a Sunday afternoon drive around Chattooga County, stopping at the Plaza in Trion to take some snapshots.

bill bowman
Sue's date was Bill Bowman.  He was working at Farmers & Merchants Bank in Summerville when these photographs were taken in the early 1950s.

double date
The other couple accompanying Sue and Bill on that fateful first date  were Bill's sister, Frances Bowman, and her date, Robert Knowles, both from Chattooga County.

Wedding bells rang twice as both couples were soon married.  Sue and Bill married in 1951 and were later blessed with two children, Linda and Steve.

Such were the simple pleasures of "our first date on a Sunday afternoon" in Chattooga County many years ago.

Thanks to Bill Bowman and his sister, Frances, for permission to use these photographs.

Copyright 2013 Greg W. McCollum.  All rights reserved.