Someone donated the following photographs to this website, but knew nothing of the people in the photographs although their names were listed on the back of each one.

at post office
At the flagpole in front of the Summerville Post Office stands Wayne Ragland and Kathy Garmon.  From the car in the background, perhaps this photograph was made sometime during the 1950s.

post office
Barbara Garmon sits on the steps of the Summerville Post Office.  Was she little Kathy's mother or sister?  Perhaps Wayne's aunt?  Notice the open door and window with screen.  No air conditioning in those days.

at bus station
At the bus depot on West Washington Street (now the law offices of Farrar & Corbin), Barbara Garmon, Kathy Garmon, and Wayne Ragland sit on a bench on the east side of the building.  To the right are some long-defunct parking meters.  In the distance, hidden behind trees, is the Summerville Methodist Church.  

Were they waiting for a Greyhound to take them away from Summerville?  

The kids are wearing different clothes from the first photo.  Was this shot on another day?

Who's the person behind the camera?

Was Homer Sanders inside sweeping the depot floor?

Questions without answers.  Perhaps you might provide them?

Thanks to Darlene Mallonee for providing the photographs.

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