Little remains of what was once Cleghorn's Spring at the north end of downtown Summerville.  Also known as Big Spring, Willow Springs, and Beavers Spring, it played a large part in the founding and location of Summerville.  After all, you had to have a source of fresh water to grow a town.

cleghorn springs
View of Cleghorn's Spring looking northwest, taken from the approximate location of the First National Bank of Chattooga County in downtown Summerville.  In the background stands the house built in 1883 by Captain John Cleghorn.  According to Robert Baker's book, in 1961 the property was sold by Captain Cleghorn's daughter-in-law.  The new owners moved the house to the back of the lot to make way for a gas station.  Unfortunately, this landmark home was destoyed by fire a year later.  (Photo scanned from the original print.)

cleghorn springs
A view slightly to the west of the previous photograph.  If you were on foot, you could take the boardwalk on the left.  If mule power was your mode of transport, it was straight through the creek. (Photo scanned from the original print.)

cleghorn springs
This photo shows members of the Cleghorn family resting under the shade trees below the house.  Tennis, anyone?

Photographs on this page provided courtesy of Gene McGinnis.  

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