Chattooga County Courthouse

Since 1909, the Chattooga County courthouse has stood proudly at the intersection of Commerce and Washington Streets in downtown Summerville.  Here are a few photographs of this historic building.

Based on the size of the trees, this photograph may have been taken a dozen or more years after construction in 1909.

A view from the middle of Commerce Street, about half a block north. The Arrington Building, the location of Jackson Drug Company for many years, is in the middle right, its pediment barely visible above the trees.  The trees appear to have grown little since the previous photograph so perhaps this one was made sometime in the 1910s.

A postcard from the 1940s or early 1950s shows what appears to be a sitting area on the grounds to the left.

The trees were long gone by the time this photograph was made in the 1970s.

Photographs courtesy of Chattooga Library and Nena Colbert.

Copyright 2013 Greg W. McCollum.  All rights reserved.