Miss Edna Perry
A Menlo School Photo Collection


Former Chattooga County resident Kaye Baker Butler contributed a large envelope of photographs to Chattooga Photo History. Kaye wrote, "I have had them for years in a cigar box... really a cigar box. My great aunt, Edna Perry, taught 44 years at Menlo school. These were in some things of hers."

Kaye did not have much information on the photographs, but it appears most were taken in the 1940s. Despite the lack of details for captions, it would be a shame to leave Miss Perry's photographs in a cigar box, so here they are. Perhaps you can identify some of the subjects and contact me with more information.

Most of the photographs were small (some were only about an inch square) so they were scanned several at a time, but are presented here in high resolution. Just click on the blue links below.

Menlo School - First Grade.

2. Menlo School - Third Grade.

3. Menlo School - Fourth and Fifth Grades.

4. Menlo School - Eighth Grade. Miss Edna Perry is shown in this photograph.

5. School portraits.

6. School portraits.

7. School portraits. Includes several shots of Miss Blanche Toles, another long-time teacher at Menlo.

8. School portraits dated 1946. Some students are shown in two poses.

9. More school portraits dated 1946.

10. School portraits. Some are dated 1945. Others are undated.

11. Graduation cards.

12. Individual shots.

13. Individual shots.

14. Individual shots.

The following group shots appear to have been taken in 1946:

15. Group shot. Possible music club.

16. Group shot.

17. Group shot.

18. Group shot.

19. Group shot.

20. Group shot. Boys basketball team.

21. Group shot.

22. Group shot.

23. Group shot. Girls basketball team.

24. Group shot.

25. Group shot.

26. Group shot.

The next five shots appear to be of a group trip to Florida.



Miss Perry is in the back row on the right. The building behind the group appears to be a motel.

This picture was taken at Fort Matanzas in St. Augustine, Florida. Miss Perry is in the middle, wearing sunglasses.

This photo was with the other Florida photos. The two men are unidentified.

A little b-ball in the Menlo gym?

An unidentified woman poses in Menlo.

Thanks to Kaye Baker Butler for contributing the photographs.

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