Mrs. Edythe McGinnis, long-time Summerville and Chattooga High School teacher, and her new kitchen were featured in a February 1952 Georgia Power publication entitled Round The Home.

Edythe McGinnis and her new kitchen
Original caption: Here is as pretty a "workshop" as you're likely to find. Mrs. McGinnis, a professional home economist, is sold on her electric range.

Original text:

Her Kitchen Is Pretty and Practical

by Edna Fuller, Home Economist
Summerville District, Georgia Power Company

She doesn't have to strap a pedometer to her ankle to learn that she saves steps when she's busy in her all-electric kitchen.  Mrs. Harry McGinnis, of Summerville, planned her work center just that way.

Dr. and Mrs. McGinnis and Charlotte, their 14-year-old daughter, have occupied their new two-story traditional brick style home since early October.  The kitchen is the broken-U type, designed and decorated to please the eye as well as to save a stride wherever possible.  This "heart of the home" is arranged for such efficiency that young Charlotte finds it no trouble at all to ready refreshments for a party, and she prepares the evening meal daily.  The latter job is no stubborn chore for her.  She plans to major in home economics in college and wisely figures that she's getting some valuable and practical training.

The new home is colorful throughout, with colors keyed to those of the "carriage print" wallpaper in the central hall.  Added charm is given to the dinette by a clever grouping of copper molds on one wall and the glazed cotton chintz curtains hung cafe style.  A recreation room is planned for the basement.

Mrs. McGinnis has taught home economics in the Summerville High School for the past 10 years.  There she has 10 all-electric meal preparation centers.  Her department also includes a laundry center, dining room, living room, and a well-lighted sewing room.

Living electrically is nothing new for this friendly and cheerful home economist.  The house she moved from had an all-electric kitchen, but it wasn't planned for such efficiency as the one she has now.  Two of the great joys in her new kitchen are an electric garbage disposal unit and a cabinet topped with a solid maple cutting board.

She has a planning desk in her laundry which joins her kitchen.  These labor- and step-saving work centers save time for busy Mrs. McGinnis. She takes active roles in local church work as well as in several civic and professional clubs and associations.

Thanks to Gene McGinnis for sharing this photo and article.

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