Joyce Hicks Martin submitted this photograph of her 1947-48 3rd grade class at Trion.  Her teacher, Miss Martha Haygood, stands to the right.

ms. haygood's class

Shown from left to right are (front row) Robert Harline,  Elizabeth Howell, Sylvia Edge, Sue Cochran, Harold Langston, Andre Langford, Johnny Ingram, Roger Hays, Shirley ____, Bobby Hays, Waldo Langford, Ida Jo Herndon, and David King;

(middle row) Gwinel King, Ronald, Jay, Beth Chandler, Ruthie Crowder, Mary Finch, Sue Cheek, Joyce Hicks, Jeaneane Dyer, Alice Freels, and Jerald Hays;

(back row) Wayne King, David Hays, Donald Hays, Billy Littlejohn, Glenn Henderson, Ralph Hood, Bertha Croy, Mary Davis, Bobby Lively, Roy Hood, Cora Bell, Betty Howell, and Lanelle Hartline.

Joyce sent the following information:

The picture was taken at the old white wooden grammar schoolhouse,  close to the entrance to the cafeteria on the steps at the north end of the building. My mother, Evelyn Hicks, bought this classroom picture from the school. Each classroom that year had a group picture made. My mother sat down with me and listed each classmate on the back of the picture.

My sister, Barbara Hicks Loggins, has the original of the fourth grade made that same year with Mrs. Glass as the teacher.  We both still have our original pictures.  They are over 65 years old and are in great shape.

Thanks to Joyce Hicks Martin (assisted by her sister, Barbara Hicks Loggins) for submitting this photograph.

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