highway 27 north of Summerville
This photograph taken by T. Emmett Nunn in early 1962 shows the intersection of Highway 27 with Highland Avenue and Farrar Drive in a view looking toward the north. The shot was made on the same roll of film as the March 2013 hi-res photo of the Chattooga County Hospital which was located out of frame to the right.  A McDonald's restaurant now sits where the road curves behind the Standard Oil sign.  Based on the angle of the photograph, T. Emmett must have used a bucket truck to get this shot.  Adjusted for inflation from the Kayo station's price of 28 cents a gallon for gas, the 2013 cost would be about $2.23 per gallon.  Update: Larry Langston contacted me and stated "this picture and the one of the Hospital was taken from on top of Kayo's above-ground gasoline storage tank. The tank stood up-right and was about 25 or 30 feet tall and sat on the South East side of the small station. The station lot was not paved and was covered with brown creek gravels." Thanks, Larry!

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