1939 Riegel office staff
Riegel Textile Mill's main Trion office staff included, from left to right, (front row) Alexander McMillan Myers, Dwight Mitchell, Burrell Simmons, C.B. Bricker, John Salley, Mark G. Hobbs, Oscar Bankey, J.E. Peary, A.J. Hill, C.F. Jones, Forrest Jones, unidentified, Bill Landress, unidentified, Tyrus Herndon, and unidentified; (middle row) unidentified, Sybil Langston, Nell Gilreath, Esther Gray, ? Emerson, ? Baker, Laura Nell Hammond, Oneil Jones ?, Ruby Baker, Willis Chapman, and Helen Smallwood; (top row) N. B. Murphy, Edwina Goodgame, ? Sitton, Maggie Owings, Marsarine Lowery, Edna Earl Headrick, Cleo Wike, Mary Whelchel, Frances Hickman, Ruth Pogue, Meddie Riddle, Dorothy Hammond, Annie Ruth Fincher, Jamie Woods, Jean David, Helen Powell, Mattie Green Peary, Tommy Giles, B.L. Peck, unidentified, Clyde Westbrooks, Henry Bankey, and J.L. Henderson.

This photograph was probably taken in October 1940 along with other panoramic group shots of Trion mill employees, several of which are also on this website.

Photograph courtesy of Mary Myers.

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