What was this group photo all about?  Was this a club?  Somebody please enlighten me.

color guard

Color Guard at the Calhoun football game.


Halftime at the Calhoun game.  Who's the drummer?

*Update:  That's Neil Nelson, Class of 1971.

what's up?

Mrs. Grant opens a gift.  Notice the removable wall with Mrs. Ellis's room in the background.


These students attended the opera with Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Grant.

Rhonda and Beverly
Rhonda Stevens and Beverly Taylor sport their spirit stickers.

Joel Cordle imagines a future with cellphones.

painting banner
few months before senior year, preparing for our junior year prom, May 1970.  Looks like Kathy Purcell peering out the window. Photographer unknown, but somehow it wound up in my collection.

band members
Was this the Lyre Club?

Judy Wright leads Freida Norton and Kathy Clowdis in those new-fangled pants suits which have the BOE clucking.

Mr. Ellis and Mr. Gilley gave you the confidence to apply to the Ivies. The Ivies gave you the confidence to apply to Floyd Junior College.

hand off
Stop passing notes and get back to reading!  Or at least put your head on your desk and play the quiet game!

From the floor tiles, this looks like it was shot at the Rec Center.  Who blindfolded Hotchkiss?  Was it the Monk?

A composite photo of Linda, Darlene, and Terri with the Library in the background.

Same photo as above, minus the cheerleaders.

The Cosmotology Lab, unknown territory to us guys.

Early MRI devices performing brain scans, circa 1970.

This photo was taken by someone during the prior school year.  Billy, Celia, Janet... what's going on here?

The photo reads "biology class."  Looks like "skipping class."

christmas tree
Ebeth Martin and Wayne Vaughn and a Christmas tree.

christmas spirit
Making Christmas decorations with Mrs. Salley.

PTA officers.

Our version of Kent State as we protest the cafeteria food by refusing to sit down for lunch.  As a former high school teacher, I can tell you that some things never change, like students whining about the food. (Photographer unknown.)

bulletin board
Library bulletin board

owensJeannie Owens was a sophomore when this photo was taken and worked on the Indian Lore.  She died sometime in the early 1970's.  I remember her as a sweet, quiet girl.

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