freshmen and sophomores
Some of the freshmen and sophomores pose inside the Library for some unknown reason.

juniors and seniors
Juniors and seniors inside the Library.

junior reps
Junior representatives (L-R) Terri Bryant, Ellen Gayler, Susan Busbin, and Gary Floyd.

new teachers
These teachers were brand new to CHS in 1970-71.  L-R:  Miss Starnes, Mr. Mahan, Mrs. Stewart, Mr. Jones, and Miss Bishop.

Fuzzy freshmen class officers.  (L-R) Vicki Cooper, Lydia Willingham, Sandra Chandler, Jim Petitt.

mr miss freshman
Mr. and Miss Freshman, Jim Meredith and Vicki Cooper.

mr miss junior class
Mr. and Miss Junior, Butch Lanier and Terri Bryant.

new students
Hanging out at the library, waiting for Microsoft Windows 3.0.

The back of the photo says "sophomores."  What's the occasion?

shop class
The shop class.  Count your fingers before you leave!

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